Eco Capri

Eco Capri is a Capri island brand that creates contemporary home and fashion collections inspired by the life and legacy of Laetitia Cerio, grandmother of the designer. Her designs, particularly her line drawings, found global recognition through close collaborations with Yves Dupuis and Marchese Emilio Pucci.

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LUIV is a Florence based brand that carries the experience of three generations in the cashmere world. LUIV's designs meet the needs of the contemporary woman; the dynamic and discerning woman on the go who looks for comfort, quality and high style in one elegant piece. The LUIV high quality poncho can be customized by combining a wide range of colors.

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GrandTour Collection

The third generation Romans, the Borrazzi family, have combined the handicraft traditions of their grandparents and parents, shifting their focus into the collection of jewels: GrandTour. GrandTour Collection is an artistic production of Italian cameo jewelry based on classical style recreated in modern shapes and contemporary designs. All products are completely hand-crafted and made in Italy.


Digerolamo is a Florence based brand of leather accessories and jewelry. It’s name carries 3 generations of leather craftsmanship, and today it remains true to its artisan roots by proposing and creating unique handmade pieces. All of the leather goods are made with the highest quality of Italian vegetable tanned leather.

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DOC Firenze

DOC is an Italian brand and creation of handmade fine leather goods produced in Tuscany. In their productions of DOC, Domitilla and Chiara create the perfect balance between classicism of an ancient art and fresh, contemporary design. The quality of materials, the color combinations and execution of craft, underline the originality of their creations and the perfect balance between past and present. 



Founder of the maison boks&baum, Sylvie Boksenbaum began her creative career several years ago in the heart of the famous Marais neighborhood in Paris, where she owned a store that sold luxury knitwear. The uniqueness of the creations by Sylvie Boksenbaum are born from a subtle fusion between a fine selection of stones, textures, and colors with meticulous work of hand-crocheting. All pieces are handmade. 

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Materia Designs

Materia Designs is a two-woman team from Padova. Their exceptional sensitivity to form and detail, and unusual use of materials contribute to turning an intuition into a decorative item. Their pieces are a result of a shared passion for materials and their pliability.  



Roman designer Jolecreo gives new life to unused materials from the tailoring of a fashion house. Buttons, zippers, synthetic ribbons, natural tapes, grommets, plastic eyelets, rivets, buckles, rubber, PVC, steel, brass and copper are recycled to become more valuable as bijoux.

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Falsi Gioilli Firenze

Falsi Gioielli (“False Jewels”) is an innovative jewelry line of handcrafted necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  Created more than 20 years ago, the pieces combine silk flowers, colored beads and buttons to create a retro romantic feel.

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Hasce was born 3 years ago as her daughters left  home to go to university. It was (and still is) the remedy for her "empty nest syndrome." She is always looking for new materials with bright colors and to mix them together to create one and only pieces to make every woman feel special.